March 2, 2021

Marketing retention strategy: Find. Populate. Achieve

Find your best customers – quickly, easily, and accurately

A powerful Exposebox feature is its ability to identify higher-value customers (i.e. those who are most likely to spend more). After all, return shoppers spend 57% more than new shoppers. And with customer acquisition costing 5X as much as retention, return shoppers are a far more cost-effective segment to engage. It’s safe to say, that investing in return customers makes good business sense.

That’s why the Exposebox solution focuses on return visitors to maximise their interactions with your brand, and continually optimise them.

Populate your website with personalised product recommendations

Exposebox is about reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message, each and every time. This type of personalisation really is the secret to running a business a cut above the rest. Our primary tool is Exposebox product recommendations. Powered by artificial intelligence, it automatically generates hyper-targeted content that meets clients expectations.

As a result, your customers will love the tailored recommendations. They get to feel recognised as individuals, while your business benefits from the increased interaction and loyalty.

Achieve your sales goals with other Exposebox marketing tools

In addition to the product recommendations, we offer a number of powerful marketing automation tools. They can be used in unison or individually based on your business needs. In addition to delivering optimised experiences via personalised campaigns across all channels, it gives you a continuous 360° view of every prospect and customer.

This is real-time, hard-impact marketing at its best. You can turn to Exposebox for easy media buying, placement, and optimisation – accurately targeting the right audience segments, with the highest impact, automatically.

And of course, there are our high-performing Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) to consider. They are, after all, the fuel for making better marketing decisions every time.

That’s because they empower you to use the data, which you’re collecting anyhow, in a more streamlined manner. Plus, you get the added benefit of the inherent BI and analytics – which are crucial to propelling your shop’s success.

The proven success of website personalisation

To date, Exposebox has personalised hundreds of web pages and worked with businesses of all sizes from SMBs all the way up to enterprise corporations transforming the online shopping experience. Beyond increasing customer engagement, all of our clients have seen a rapid increase in performance across their marketing channels.

Simple by design

At Exposebox, we design with the philosophy that simplicity is best.

That’s why, for starters, Exposebox is super quick to onboard and easy to use over the long haul. After all, we know that not every business owner or manager is a tech expert. And even if you are, we appreciate your time, recognising your energy is better spent on other tasks, rather than figuring out tricky technology. 

As such, Exposebox not only is simple to use, with a very short learning curve, the interface is intuitive, and much of its most impactful actions are done automatically, with minimal setup or maintenance involved.

In other words, this is a marketing system that will truly save you time, reduce everyday work hassles, and all while improving your profitability. Or perhaps put even more accurately, working with Exposebox will help you streamline your marketing processes, allowing you to better target your customers and deliver more effective campaigns with far less headache involved. It is a true win-win marketing solution. And something our customers love, and from our experience, we’re sure your customers will love it too!



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