March 2, 2021

Real-time marketing explained

Real-time marketing is utilising instant reported data to trigger onsite and offsite campaigns. In the past, marketing consisted of pre-planned and schedules that followed deadlines and typically launched weeks after the campaign’s inception. Nowadays, users anticipate real-time marketing assembled on the spot to produce instant value distinct to their spending personalities and preferences.

Why is real-time marketing important?

With the continuous innovation of social media and other communications channels, real-time marketing is more effective than ever. First, companies can collect data about their users. Then, within minutes, they can transform that data into a personalised marketing message.

Today’s users are all about instant gratification- by personalising messages, they are more likely to buy the product or the service you’re offering because they will acknowledge the immediate benefit they can gain from it. Advantages of real-time marketing through customer behaviour analytics. The real-time marketing results improved as it shifted to customer-centric, and technology improved to provide marketers insight into customer behaviours and preferences in real-time.

Thanks to the data management platform (DMP), collected data from various sources is unified and provides a complete view of customer behaviour. Knowing customers’ current preferences assists in creating next-best-action, next-best-offer and product recommendations based on data.

Real-time personalisation

Real-time personalisation is a very productive strategy of real-time marketing. For example, everything5pounds reported a 91% conversion uplift from the Exposebox product recommendation widget. In addition, 77% of marketers recognise how essential personalisation is in modern marketing.

Personalise and delivering marketing campaigns

According to Salesforce, 76% of users expect companies to understand their needs.

Draft the message based on behaviour. For example, if a user searched for a pair of shoes, this will trigger the browse recovery email series to encourage a transaction.
Advance programmatic advertising. Precise, real-time data is the basis of thriving programmatic advertising. These are just a few ideas real-time data can be applied to improve customer experience. By using personalisation to draw and engage customers, companies will see an immediate increase in sales and greater brand loyalty.



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