March 3, 2021

eCommerce marketing ideas for international women’s day

As the year advances, new events are coming, and our shopping behaviours come in line to mark holidays and events; International Women’s Day is one of them.

Seasonal campaigns are an excellent reason to target your customers with a Storytelling marketing concept. Storytelling marketing uses a narrative to deliver a message. This concept helps consumers feel about your brand. 

If the International Women’s Day occasion is essential for your brand, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of making your customers feel appreciated. How do you ask? To help you improve your conversion rates, below, two eCommerce marketing ideas to help you start. 

Offer exclusive offers and/or discounts.

This is probably the first type of campaign that comes into your mind. 

Here are the most used types by popular online stores: 

  • Cash Discount 
  • Percentage Discount 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Value-added offers 
  • Member-exclusive rewards 
  • Product bundling

Offering discounts is a potent tool to drive customer retention. Just make sure to cup your offer in a short duration and keep stock available.

Special deal for female customers

Why not create a special offer only for your female customers? This type of campaign may not work for all brands but targeting only females by email or social media is an easy, effective way.

In conclusion, 8th March is just around the corner, and online brands are preparing to give customers offers. If your products are not women-related, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to offer a Women’s Day storytelling campaign

Drive sales through email marketing

As the top-performing marketing channel, email marketing will have the most substantial impact on your Women’s Day campaign success. Not just because of its low-cost execution but also because it is one of the best ways to segment your contactable customers and personalise your message.

Important to remember: We’re all unique and individuals, and because of that, campaign personalisation is the key to deliver your message right. It is resulting in a higher open rate and click-through rate. Personalised email campaigns perform on average ~30% higher.

Have a great Women’s Day and a happy start of spring!


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