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Emails are an essential method used to communicate messages and the most efficient marketing tool. The problem is that the majority of companies tend to send generic and one fits all content without any customized elements. This is why most emails are not converted, and shoppers don’t engage with them.

Bear in mind, the emails you send to your users have more influence than you think it does. Emails can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to increasing your revenue if done correctly. In fact, almost 60% of customers say that marketing emails influence their purchase making and customer-brand relationship.

Furthermore, another popular marketing personalization tool is product recommendations. With product recommendations, products displayed to shoppers are dynamically promoted based on user data such as browsing habits or buying history. 

How can generic email marketing be taken to the next level? It’s simple, by leveraging personalized product recommendations in emails, those basic emails your customers receive will be upgraded and individualized. Utilizing personalization strategies such as incorporating product recommendations in emails are a proven way to increase customer engagement, increase click-through rates and ultimately increase online revenue. 


What are personalized product recommendations?

Personalized product recommendations are product suggestions tailored specifically to your customers’ interests or needs. With sophisticated AI-powered engines, product recommendation systems select the most relevant products for each individual customer. The recommendations are based on a customer’s behavior. Some examples of behavior include views, orders, visits and even abandoned carts. These actions are monitored and the data is tracked in order to recommend customers with the most appropriate items.

Moreover, dynamic product recommendations are extremely effective and influential for increasing your customers’ average order value (AOV). 

Dynamic product recommendations suggest products that are unique to every shopper and vary from individual to individual. The recommendations keep in mind the products your customers browse through on your website during their visit and even those who purchase your products.


Types of product recommendation emails


  1. Welcome emails- First impressions are a big deal, so it’s important to have a great impression on your customers that keeps them coming back. If a customer subscribed to your list, you have the opportunity to get them to explore your products. By directing them to trending products, most popular or new arrivals, you can learn their preferences and optimize the dynamic recommendations.
  2. Abandoned cart emails- Abandonment cart emails are triggered emails that are sent to users who did not complete their purchase. The products in the emails are the same products that were left in the cart. These emails are automated and the content is dynamic based on the cart items. Utilizing left in cart products is useful in helping shoppers find what they might have missed and directing them to complete the purchase. 
  3. Seasonal emails- Using product recommendations in your gifting email guide during holiday seasons, for example, can be a strong and effective strategy. Level up your game and get customers to discover trending holiday items they would be interested in by adding dynamic product recommendations in your marketing emails. You can leverage data from previous years to know their purchase habits and recommend products based on recent behavior and onsite trends.
  4. Re-engagement emails- Winning back customers can be tricky, but product recommendation emails make it possible to get them to return to your site. Sending “We’ve missed you!” messages that include personalized and relevant recommendations can be powerful enough to remind customers about your website and even instantly inspire loyalty. Because these product suggestions are based on a specific shopper, email responses increase.
  5. Demographic emails- Emails based on gender or location can be highly effective in increasing the likelihood a customer will engage with your email. When items are tailored to that level of personalization, they will be more likely to want to read and interact with your site.


Benefits of personalized recommendations in email


This is why you should consider leveraging personalized product recommendations in your marketing emails. 


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