May 1, 2022

Cart abandonment strategies your competitors wish they knew

Cart abandonment strategies your competitors wish they knew

Emails are an essential method used to communicate messages and the most efficient marketing tool. The problem is that the majority of companies tend to send generic and one fits all content without any customized elements. This is why most emails are not converted, and shoppers don’t engage with them.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your customers almost place an order and then abandoning their carts. Let’s face it, cart abandonment is a  major loss in sales. 

Did you know that E-Commerce brands lose $18 billion annually in sales revenue because of cart abandonment? Cart abandonment is a serious issue that fashion sites face. In fact, research shows that the average cart abandonment rate is approximately 69.57%. Clearly, this is a pretty big problem with customer journeys nowadays. Therefore, you need a clever solution to reduce the churn rate. 

So, how can you fix this?

We suggest implementing cart abandonment emails automation, as a part of your marketing plan to decrease the missed sales opportunities and improve the conversion rate. Cart abandonment emails can level up your marketing strategies and boost your chance of reducing dramatically the churn rate.

What are cart abandonment emails?

Cart abandonment emails are exactly what they sound like. It is an automated, trigger based process that automatically sends out an email to the registered user and reminds them about an order they have abandoned or did not complete . This encourages registered users to return to the site and complete their purchase. Simultaneously you can offer an upsell to increase the basket value or showing complementary products they may be interested in.

Retargeting, especially through cart abandonment emails, are a very effective way to increase reconversion rates. In fact, research shows that 75% of shoppers notice retargeting ads and  70% are likely to convert on your site.

How can cart abandonment emails be used to increase sales?
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell- Add product recommendations to their abandonment emails, but make it personal. Do so by adding recommendations based on items that shoppers previously demonstrated an interest in or identical products to the one they have abandoned.
  • Discount emails- When customers see that they can save on their favorite items they are more likely to make purchases. Including a discount in abandonment emails can remind customers to place orders and even tempt them to spend more.
  • Timing is everything- Sending your customers cart abandonment email at the right time is key. Having automated emails enables you to send those emails out while the items they have abandoned are still fresh in their minds, pushing your customers to complete their purchases.

    Analyze customers behavior- See how many customers actually press on the emails and what sales are brought through those messages via AI sophisticated software. Therefore, you can track sales and better engage with customers.

As you can see, cart abandonment emails are effective in recovering lost sales as well as increasing conversion rate & revenue.

Now that you know the simple secret to reducing cart abandonment, it’s a no-brainer that it should be added to your marketing strategies. 


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