March 26, 2021

Early and last-minute Mother’s Day marketing ideas

It’s springtime, and it means Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Mother’s Day marketing is a great opportunity for e-commerce shops to promote and boost sales with Mother’s Day storytelling themed campaign.

So let’s start with the basics: when should you start promoting Mother’s Day campaign? Most people are more likely to shop at the last minute for gifts. Usually, we advise you to start the campaigns 3 to 4 weeks before the date. The most important thing is to take in mind the shipping duration, and based on that, you will know when to start the campaign and when to end it. But, what’s most important is to start in advance and plan.

Create a Mother’s Day landing page

Launching a dedicated landing page is one of the best ways to consolidate all the products you’d like to include in the sale. Your landing page should include different types of products that will fit all types of moms. Make sure you wrap all the content and the banners with the theme that relates – it can be actual photos of your staff moms or females who are using the products you’re promoting.

Create a Mother’s Day gift guide

Having a dedicated product page is perfect, but sometimes, your shoppers need some extra help to decide what to buy. A gift guide must include different mom personas (ex: fitness enthusiastic, instructor, baker, attorney, entrepreneur, homestay) and provide gift ideas for each persona type.

Create a Mother’s Day email marketing

The emails will play a significant role in promoting the Mother’s Day campaign. First, launch an email with the dedicated products page announcement. Don’t settle just for one email. Make sure to segment and send follow up emails to clients that didn’t react.

Create a Mother’s Day sale 

If you decided not to create a dedicated product landing page, you could always offer a mothers days special coupon. Shoppers adore coupons. Create an exclusively Mother’s Day promotion with a coupon. The coupon can give a discount on selected products or storewide discounts during the Mother’s Day promotion.

Offer free shipping closer to the end of the Mother’s Day campaign

Another way to boost Mother’s Day’s sales is by giving free shipping for late shoppers. It’s a great way to persuade shoppers that they need to be here and now.

Final marketing tips
  • Copy is king. Make sure to wrap your content on Mother’s Day and be consistent.
  • Add entry pop-up onsite and update customers about the Mother’s Day campaign.
  • Offer convenience by consolidating all the promoted products in the same place.
  • Create last-minute email reminders.


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