Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas for eCommerce Shops (2021)

Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas for eCommerce Shops (2021)​

Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer marketing campaign ideas. The summertime is an ideal time to create fun and exciting campaigns to engage new customers. Traditionally, the summer months are slower for online shopping, and with the continued COVID-19 situation, traffic and sales will likely remain inconstant and vary per country. Therefore, it’s best to plan different strategies and constantly A/B testing your efforts.

Here are some ideas to start with:

Summer fun – the sun is shining, and summer is full of activities and occasions. Use this to benefit and run exclusive sales and/or promotions with the summer theme.
Localisation – we think that summertime is June through to August, but it’s important to remember that it’s winter in countries below the equator. To avoid non-relevant content, always segment your audience and localise your campaigns.
Reward customer loyalty – loyal shoppers love to feel valued. It keeps them coming back and recommend your business to friends. Consider rewarding your regulars with exclusive email offers that are higher than the ongoing onsite promotions.
Flash sales – is traffic low? Are you not generating revenue as planned? Flash sales can help you with that; the time framed promotions encourage your customers and create a sense of urgency. The best part about flash sales is that you don’t need a reason to run one. Promote the flash sale over social channels and via emails to drive traffic.
Refresh your homepage – nothing says summertime marketing quite like a summer-themed homepage and social posts. Emphasise the fun with a colourful summer palate. This way, your site will look fresh and up to date.

Remember to get creative and have fun. Happy summer days!


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