Thanksgiving email marketing ideas to boost your sales

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Thanksgiving is a special and busy shopping season, with 40% of festive shopping being done over that weekend. So, to begin with, you need to think through your marketing strategy for the entire shopping season; you don’t want to do your promotions over, so set a clear objective and get onto it.

Analyze the past years’ campaigns

Examine the results of your past Thanksgiving email campaigns to determine the right approach for this year. 

  1. Review which subject line worked the best (google will always help you get some good ideas).
  2. Check what was the best delivery time for your emails.
  3. Learn what are the new trends and keep your emails up to date.
  4. Lastly, save some time and use the Exposebox product recommendation embedded widget to display the most relevant products to your customers, with a 1:1 personalisation match.


It’s important to remember that Thanksgiving is relevant to Americans and probably will be less relevant for other countries; therefore, avoid non-relevant content, always segment your audience and localise your campaigns. 

Schedule your Thanksgiving email campaign

After you know what you are offering your customers. You need to decide how many emails you want to deliver, and based on that; you can schedule your deliveries in advance. To schedule your emails at a suitable time, use the time-zone optimisation.

It’s all about the storytelling

Thanksgiving is a good opportunity to sharpen your storytelling skills

  1. Think of a themed subject line that will grab your subscribers.
  2. Add visual content to achieve the festive mood.
  3. Give shopping inspiration
  4. Reward loyal customers

And finally, Thanksgiving is a good occasion to thank your users for their loyalty.


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