January 11, 2022

Top email marketing personalization tactics to know

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to communicate with your customers, and when applying email personalization, you can expect to increase engagement and revenue. But, email personalization is also one of the hardest strategies to get right.

Email marketing has a few steps:

  • Starting with strategic planning
  • Then audience segmentation 
  • Moving to email design and copy
  • And finally tracking traffic and performance

This article will help you learn more about the personalized email approach and dynamic content strategies you can execute right now.

What is email personalization?

Email personalization makes the content feel custom-made and relevant for the subscribers. Personalized email marketing offers many benefits; It will help to increase email marketing metrics and improve your ROI vs. regular one fits all email campaigns. In very highly competitive surroundings, personalizing your emails is a must.


Email personalization practices

Segment your audience

Segmentation is one of the major practices in email marketing. Segmenting your email lists allows you to create the most relevant, hyper-targeted, personalized emails. By segmenting your data, you will see an increase in CTR, traffic, and most important, conversion rate and revenue.

Typically, when people think of segmentation, they think of the basics like age, gender, and geographic location. But there are many more ways to segment your email list and increase the potential.

For example, Exposebox CDP does the segmentation for you; the AI-based platform helps you understand your customers’ profiles, behavior, and RFM.

A case study of one of our e-Commerce clients showed that segmented campaigns had an uplift of 25% in open rates and a 45% increase in CTR.

Product recommendations

In the old days, products added to emails were hand-picked either by marketers or the BI team. Unfortunately, this process is long and has never proven itself.

With the Exposebox product recommendations integrated on your site, you are better able to respond to your users’ preferences and reach them with dynamic, hyper-targeted content, at the right time, in the right place. Using the Exposebox data-based recommendations, you will find your most valuable audiences and nurture high-impact relationships – faster, more accurately, and far more efficiently.


    •  99% increase in conversion rates
    •  300% return on investment
    •  +31% overall revenue uplift


Increase product discovery with the most relevant products from your catalog

Utilize various learning algorithms — such as bestsellers and trending products. Seamless integration and powerful merchandising enable you to fine-tune strategies for different customer groups and products.

Increase average order value (AOV) with upselling and cross-selling product recommendations

Exposebox automatically assesses how to get shoppers to add more products to the cart. You can recommend related products, recently viewed, upsell products, and complementary cross-sell products based on the individual’s demonstrated preferences, previous purchasing patterns, or look-a-like customer journey. 

In-mail personalized offers and promotions

Personalized offers and promotions can improve the CTR by at least 10%. Using segmented data, you can generate various offers that fit the customer profiles. Personalized offers can help you re-engage churn users, recover abandoned carts, increase AOV for retained customers, and more.

Whatever strategy you use is effective. And as you presumably know, retaining customers is 5x cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Behavioral email triggers

To put it simply, behavioral triggers are basically email marketing automation – pre-defined rules that trigger an email that is connected to that event with its designated content.

For example, welcome emailcart abandonment recoverybrowse recovery – are a small list of behavioral triggers that you can apply for your email marketing strategy.

Loyalty emails

A well-timed email can create engagement. For example, automated loyalty emails can be set for certain events like a users’ birthday or subscription anniversary.

It is necessary to nurture relationships with your users as they move through the customer life cycle. And of course, for each lifecycle stage of the customer, you need to have a different approach. Loyalty emails also help maintain a relationship with your users and make them feel valued customers. And as we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

As a result, personalized loyalty emails help you grow customer retention and increase conversion rates.

Wrapping it up

Personalizing your email marketing is necessary for improving your email campaigns, and for executing your email marketing personalization strategies, you will need a smart email marketing platform like Exposebox. 

All that’s left to do is start building your personalized email campaigns and testing to see which tactics work best for your business. 



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