Why email marketing still rules

Why email marketing still rules

Email marketing has been around for a long time now, and to this day, you can rely on it – email marketing has remained a key method for reaching your audience.

Having said that, many email campaigns fail to connect with customers,

but it is not because email marketing is passed. It’s because today’s customers have become more sophisticated.

Below are three easy ways that can help you to improve your email marketing efforts and connect better with your audience – this way, you will increase engagement:

Utilize your data

In todays’ marketing, data is priceless. And while most businesses acknowledge that, few use it. But to have a real impact on email marketing efforts, you need to focus on your data and personalize communications.

You don’t have analytic skills? No worries. Our AI-based data management platform will help you evaluate users’ behavior across channels, and it will provide a brighter picture, enabling you to improve how you connect with them.

Segment your users

Firstly you should understand who you should be talking to and how. There are many ways to segment your audience:

Do you ask why it is important? The first reason will be that users’ inboxes are full of marketing emails. And if you continue sending an email that doesn’t fit their interests, their engagement will drop, and eventually, they’ll unsubscribe.

Trigger email

Not sure what it means? In simple words, triggered are rule-based marketing automation – a good example is a welcome email. As soon as someone registers to your website, they will immediately receive a welcome email. Using the Exposebox innovative email marketing platform will help you to do that. 

Exposebox allows you to connect with customers and prospects based on actions or different conditions you set. By making each interaction more personal, you’ll gain user trust and greater impact over their purchase decisions on your site.

With more businesses utilizing data for personalization in their email marketing plan, it is necessary to know how to do it efficiently. And this is why we’re here for.


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