Effective email marketing at a glance

Why email marketing still rules

There are many ways to segment and personalize messaging to your customers. However, frequently the Email remains channels that deliver a substantial return on investment (ROI) for online businesses.

Here are some insights that demonstrate the power of email marketing:

As you see, email marketing is worth your time and effort. With this being said, we’ve analyzed successful email marketing campaigns so you can focus on improving your key email metrics.

Are you collecting consent?

Before you start sending emails, you must comply with a local authority in your targeted market.

These regulations come in different forms. Some countries have fundamental laws and acts dedicated to it, while others briefly mention it in other large bills. These regulations have a few name conventions, but anti-spam and data protection laws are the most common.


The Australian Privacy Principles are regulations covering email marketing. The general requirements for direct marketing are collecting consent and providing a simple way for the recipient to opt out.


Canada has strict regulations regarding email marketing, as set in the CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation)

European Union

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the strictest privacy and security law globally. It is enforceable outside of the EU, meaning that any businesses that collect data from anyone in the EU must comply with the regulations. Breaching the GDPR can lead to up to 20 million euros in fines.

South Africa

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). To send any unsolicited email communication, a company must obtain consent, provide an unsubscribe way, and appropriately place the sender.

United Kingdom

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). The PECR aims to restrict direct marketing communications and prevent spam. To send a marketing email, you must collect consent, provide identification of the sender, and a simple way for the recipient to opt out.

United States

The CAN-SPAM Act sets the main requirements for sending commercial emails to a recipient in the US.

  1. Don’t use false or misleading header 
  2. Don’t use misleading subject lines
  3. Identify your message as an ad
  4. Tell recipients you’re location
  5. Provide an easy way to opt-out
  6. Apply opt-out requests immediately

Then it’s important to monitor the growth of your subscribes list. Correspondingly, it is pointless to collect email addresses that are going to dead accounts: monitor your delivery rate and ensure that your emails are going to live accounts.

What do you want to do and how?

The key to promising email campaigns is deciding what you are trying to accomplish with your email marketing efforts. Or, more notably, what behavior do you expect from your recipient. 

The thumb rule is to test as much as possible: different subject lines, offering, time and day, imagery, and of course, the messages.

Monitor Emails

In email marketing, analytics is very important to understand the results and your customers’ behavior. For example, look at the sent history for the best times to send emails (when people engaged the most). Actually, this is the most important parameter for more increased open rates. Using the Exposebox analytics tools will uncover your businesses’ emails engagement sweet spot.

After you have determined and optimized your sending time, focus on clicks (CTR) and then into conversions.

Segment your customer data

Companies that segmented campaigns noted a huge spike in the emails conversion rate. By using data and relevantly segmenting your email marketing subscribers, you can deliver highly personalized, customer-oriented communications to the right people at the right time.

It’s all bout the Email copywriting

You want to produce content that entertains your audience and engages them. Your copywriting actions can make or break your email campaign.

Below are five email copywriting tips that can help boost your performance:

  1. Make sure your subject lines are clear, straightforward and display personal touch. 
  2. Always add a pre-header (preview text) and motivate your recipient to open the Email. Offer your subscribers direct value to the subject line.
  3. Avoid using CAPITAL lettering or exclamation points! This will make your content appear spammy and might place your Email in the Spam box.
  4. Add clear calls to action (CTA) that helps to create a sense of urgency.


If you’re about employing email marketing, you need to balance user experience with your goals and KPIs. Start with the Exposebox Email Marketing platform, and create converting 1:1 email campaigns.


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