January 3, 2022

Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2022

2022 is already here with all the changes that are coming with it. We’ve gathered the digital marketing trends we believe are the most important for small and medium businesses to apply in 2022.

The death of cookies

The recent announcement by Google to end the cookie tracking by 2023 needs to be a wake-up call to marketers. This is a massive move led by one of the largest platforms, and we expect it to affect how modern marketers develop various tactics to reach their goals.

It’s all about the content 

There are messes of content over the internet, and what will make your content distinct is the quality of the copy. Most users are more interested in the uniqueness and quality of content. Therefore, if you want to grow your website, you need to focus on publishing amazing content. You don’t have to post every day; all you have to do is make your content more interesting and relevant for your target audience.

Don’t forget to focus on user experience

For the last few years, user experience (UX) has been taking more of a priority – personalization is the future. The more you move your website for a human touch, the more traffic and conversions you’ll probably have. 

Artificial intelligence rules

2022 is going to be a big year for AI. The VR and AR trend is expected to continue. With VR/AR revenue predicted to be anywhere from 8 billion to nearly 12 billion dollars by 2023, now, it’s best to start learning about the Metaverse. While it’s challenging to predict which features will lead in 2022, many marketers assume it will be on personalized search engines, language tools, digital assistants, chatbots, and more.

Marketing automation

In 2022, we expect more data-driven marketing campaigns across all industries. Simply because it helps marketers spend less time on tedious tasks by simply automating their workflows. 

As a one-fits-all approach is no longer acceptable, marketers will build customer profiles by segmenting the data and personalizing campaigns with marketing automation.

If you haven’t made the digital change yet, it needs to be considered now. The 2022 marketing landscape will be different; this is why you need to focus on the personalized customer experience for more conversions and better ROI.




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