June 1, 2021

How to improve the open rate in email campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels in the digital marketing world. Email marketing’s success comes from its high ROI since the email cost is very low. Having said that, if the open rate is low, your email marketing campaigns efforts won’t mean anything. Tracking and optimising this metric will help you improve the open rate and gain the results you’re looking for.

So… what is an email open rate, and why it is important?

The email open rate indicates how many users opened your email campaign and were exposed to the message inside. The results indicate how effective your subject line was and how it encourages action in your users. Understanding what content sparks your subscribers will help you drive traffic and increase loyalty.

How does the open rate calculate?

The open rate represents the percentage of unique opened emails compared to the number of delivered emails. For example, an email was sent to 100 people and was opened by 25 people; the open rate is 25%.  

To calculate your open rate, simply divide your unique opens by the total delivered amount and then multiply by 100 – (unique opens/delivered) x 100. Depending on your industry, a good open rate is anywhere between 20-30 per cent.

Looking to improve your open rate?

Controlling your open rate will help measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. 

  • keep it short and to the point
  • use clear and engaging copy
  • create an emotional bond with your target audience
  • A/B test different versions of subject lines.

Good headlines should be clear and attention-grabbing while including the most message you want to pass.

Good subject lines should:

  • create curiosity
  • create a sense of urgency
  • endorse social proof
  • be personal
Personalise the email campaigns

Personalisation is key in content marketing, particularly in email marketing; segmenting your audiences and providing a 1:1 email experience will help you improve the open rate.

Analyse the Results

You won’t be able to improve your email campaigns if you don’t have analytics on track. With the help of the Exposebox analytics dashboard, you will be able to clearly see what’s working and what’s not and optimise accordingly.



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