May 30, 2022

Everything you need to know about personalized customer experience

Personalized experiences have been ruling the online shopping industry in the past few years. It has become ever more important in the fast-paced consumer world to give customers a seamless experience and a memorable personal journey. So how do you provide your customers the best user experience you can? We’re here to help you explore how personalizing the customer’s journey can potentially better retain customers and build a strong relationship with your brand.

What is customer personalization?

Personalization is a marketing strategy in that companies employ data analysis and digital technology to display individualized content and products. In addition, personalized marketing refers to tailoring marketing messages to meet the requirements of an individual or a segment of customers.

Why do you need a personalization approach?
  • Relationship enhancer Personalized content allows you to connect with your customers and build personal relations with your brand.
  • Customer retention Offering customers a journey tailored to them improves loyalty and turns users into brand ambassadors.
  • Improved customer experience Personalized offers make customers feel appreciated.
  • Higher conversion rate More personalized content drive higher conversion from customers who are only browsing to those who will purchase.


How to create a personalized marketing strategy?

Collect data

To provide customers with personalized content, it’s important to analyze all your data. It’s an important step you need to take in order to gain valuable feedback and enable you to design a working strategy. Here are three ways to get started.

  • Conduct newsletter sign up
  • Collect mareting concent
  • Website analytics to reveal user behavior


Segment your audience

Personalization and segmentation are frequently employed interchangeably and can be seen as similar. Both utilize data gathered about users and customers to customize their experience. 

  • Location Segment your customers into local, regional and global markets
  • Shopping behavior These help to show the personal interests of your customers.
  • Age and gender are important to understand that ages and gender will yield different buying characteristics.
Execute your strategy across multi-channels

Sophisticated technology such as AI-based product recommendations delivers targeted products specifically displayed for individual results.

A personalized approach considers user behavior, onsite and offsite, so you are more easily able to deliver the best content for maximum results. 

A seamless journey

When a customer adds an item to cart, it doesn’t mean the journey is over. According to recent research from Baymard, up to 70% of visitors reach the cart, only to then leave without buying. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t end there; as many as 90% of your customers will add an item to their cart and won’t complete the purchase.

Cart recovery reminder emails are the perfect way of encouraging shoppers to return to the cart and complete the purchase to recover these lost sessions. Therefore, it’s essential to guarantee that personalized messaging impacts every touch-point at every stage of your customer’s journey.

Like any other methodology, personalized marketing requires constant review and optimization to ensure 100% efficiency. A best practice is to run the campaigns for a few weeks and review the results. This way, your team will have an accurate image of the actual campaign progress and efficiency. 

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